The Drag

You would think that a person would be boosted by a seeming interest in the first blog post and spurred into action. Being an avid reader of the “how-to market yourself” blogosphere, I am aware that most people suggest writing every day is necessary to producing an effective blog. and if the goal for my blog is to draw attention to my name and thus my writing, it would be in my best interest to maintain some sort of success.

That’s why it sucks so much to have to deal with depression sometimes. It drags me down and it makes me have no desire to produce anything creative. It creates a block, like a dam that holds every idea in and forces me to sit there dumbly with the laptop on my lap waiting patiently as I proceed to do absolutely nothing.

The other side of that, the anxiety, then creates the worry that anything I was going to write was going to suck anyway, so what was the point in the long run. In the end, it becomes a continuous loop of non-production, and I can feel the effects echo down the lines to anything else I attempt to be creative at for the remainder of the week. It’s frustrating.